The African Community of Practices’ (AfCoP) five-year Strategic Plan (2019-2023) was adopted during the AfCoP Annual Meeting in Abidjan in 2019. It provides the architecture for AfCoP to move forward with its renewed mandate to promote a results-based culture in public institutions and to mobilize multi-stakeholders at sub-country, country, regional and global levels to support Africa to manage and realize development results that the peoples of Africa want. Through this strategic plan, AfCoP will  provide insights into the range of actions through which African Union Agenda 2063, the UN-promulgated Agenda 2030 and the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) High5s priorities are aligned with national development plan and are practical, actionable and capable of delivering measurable results at country level.

The following short version of the strategic plan includes a brief background of AfCoP, the governance structure of the Community, an outline of the value added to past programmes, the context in which this strategic plan was developed, the framework, flagship programmes and the capacity required for implementation. Read more here