Governance of the Community

AfCoP Strategic decision takes place within the following institutional arrangement:

  • The AfCoP General Assembly is the supreme organ of the Community. At its annual meeting, it decides on the amendments of the Articles of the Constitution, appoints members of the Executive Council and the Bureau, establishes measures for governing and managing AfCoP mandates and approves the budget and results of implementation of the programmes.
  • The Executive Council is the decision-making body that executes programmes and policies decided upon by the General Assembly and The Bureau. It operates under the President to supervise the implementation of the decisions made by the General Assembly and Executive Council.
  • The Bureau is the Executive Organ of the Community, responsible for carrying out the decisions of the General Assembly and the Executive Council under the leadership of AfCoP President.
  • The Secretariat manages the day-to-day operations of AfCoP and is headed by an Executive Secretary overseeing four broadly structured operational departments: 1) Finance and Administration; 2) Capacity Building; 3) Coordination and Partnership; and 4) Knowledge, Research and Innovations.