Brief About Afcop

The African Community of Practice (AfCoP) on managing for development results (MfDR) is a bilingual community launched in February 2007 in the context of the Paris Declaration to respond to African countries’ call to share knowledge and best practices on management for development results.

AfCoP in collaboration with the  African Development Bank (AfDB) and African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) developed a regional framework for action  — Africa Initiative for Results (AfriK4R) to:

  • Facilitate mutual learning on commendable practices and innovations in MfDR among state and none-state practitioners.  Currently, AfCoP has engaged practitioners in more than 118 countries in Africa and beyond.
  • Generate and disseminate MfDR knowledge to help practitioners engage citizens and provide evidence for policy-makers enhance policies toward the country adopting result-culture.
  • Build capacity in MfDR to Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships at country level to improve delivery, implementation, accountability, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.
  • Support Regional Economic Communities (RECs) to adopt MfDR for the effective implementation of regional and African Union policies.